Bobby Valentino

Los Pistoleros at The Pineapple

What a chance night..."it's my birthday, pop along to The Pineapple for a drink and I've got a band" was the message at lunchtime.

Well, The Pineapple, a nice little pub south of the M4 between Slough and Maidenhead, is hardly known as a live music venue. Crammed into the corner was a drum kit, four back-line amps, three microphone stands and two PA speakers. Out front, by 6 inches or so, was a 24 channel mixing desk. So who was the band and where were they?

At around 9pm they emerged from the crowd and walked on stage. They were Los Pistoleros. Combining the talents of five of the UK’s finest working musicians, the band comprises Bobby Valentino (vocals, fiddle & rhythm guitar); B J Cole (pedal steel); Martin Belmont (lead guitar, 6 string bass & vocals); Kevin Foster (bass & vocals) and Bobby Irwin (drums & vocals). Individually the five have impressive CVs, working with some of the top names in the music industry. Collectively they have worked together on many occasions over the years.

Bobby Valentino is the front man with an uncanny resemblance to Clark Gable and a sweet voice around an octave and half below most male vocalists. Working with Mark Knoffler, appearing on Later with Jules - this man is good.

And off they went with two great sets of American/Country/TexMex music. The occasional change of pace but mostly upbeat to the extent that it was hard work not getting bowled over by people dancing. ’Swinging With The Chickens’ was my favourite but the standard was so high that it was really quite hard to choose.

A great night. Do take the opportunity to see this band. Even if country is not your thing, this band are excellent musician's and fine entertainment.

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