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The musicians in Los Pistoleros had played together many times before they became an Institution. They met playing in groups in and around London and at recording sessions for TV adverts, film sound tracks and other people’s records. With a mutual respect and enjoyment in each other’s musicianship it was only a matter of time before they got together.

They have been called Britain's super-star Americana band and the British (even though 2 of them are Irish) answer to the Mavericks but they are not really “country” players. Over the years they have worked separately and severally with some of the top names in pop and rock music.

The music they play encompasses the best elements of the Americana that they love including: R’n’B, Tex-Mex, Rock’n’Roll, Country and Swing. Recently they released their debut CD, “Trigger-happy“, on the legendary Track Records ( to critical acclaim and later this year will see the release of a live album recorded at Dingwalls in London.

Bobby Valentino
vocals, violin & rhythm guitar

Bobby first carved his reputation as a renegade virtuoso during the Punk era as a founder member of The Fabulous Poodles but is most often recognised as the violinist and co-writer of the smash No.1 hit “Young at Heart” by the Bluebells (the biggest selling single of 1993). His inspirational violin playing has gone on to be heard working with artists as varied as: Bob Dylan; Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Bob Geldof; Alabama 3, Shania Twain and he is a regular member of Mark Knopfler's current band. However, it is with Los Pistoleros that his song-writing and his timelessly seductive singing come to the fore.

He has also performed in West End musical theatre: in ”Destry Rides Again” with Alfred Molina and Jill Gasgoine and in “C.H.A.P.S.” at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East. Occasionally he can be seen in films and commercials, usually taking the part of Clark Gable.

B.J.Cole (
pedal steel guitar

BJ is best known as the sonic terrorist of the pedal steel and over the last 30 years has succeeded in pushing the barriers of the instrument to uncharted territories. He has worked alongside artists of the caliber of: Marc Bolan; Sting; Pet Shop Boys; Pink Floyd; Elton John; REM; Elvis Costello; The Verve; Robbie Williams and Dolly Parton, and is featured heavily featured on Shania Twain's current album.

He has recently released 2 critically acclaimed albums on Cooking Vinyl: "Stop the Panic" (2000) a collaboration with Luke Vibert and "Trouble in Paradise"(2004) featuring contributions from Groove Armada and Alabama 3.

Martin Belmont
lead guitar, 6 string bass & vocals

Martin started his playing career in the classic 70's pub-rock band Ducks Deluxe. He later went on to become a founder member of Graham Parker & the Rumour, Nick Lowe’s Cowboy Outfit and Carlene Carter’s CC Riders. But the rôle he is most proud of is being the hands of Eddie Grundy in the “Archers” on BBC Radio 4 (the longest running soap-opera in the world) - whenever Eddie ‘plays’ guitar, it is Martin, and he never divulges future plot developments to the band no matter how much they beg!

He released his debut solo album “Big Guitar” (2001) on Demon Records to great acclaim. He has written songs for Linda Rondstadt and in Los Pistoleros he has been known to sing a song or two while his guitar adds a grit and twang, and a splash of surf, to the bands country boogie,.

Kevin Foster
bass & vocals

The word ’bass’ seems too small for what Kevin brings to Los Pistoleros ... not only does he have the uncanny ability to marshal the group's musical telepathy but also, unlike his compadres he sees little need to name-drop. If persuaded he will, however, admit to day-trips with Hank Wangford and Jackie Leven.

The song he co-wrote with Sgnr. Belmont, “One More Heartbreak” , (which, of course is on the CD), can be heard in the Billy Connoly and Sharon Stone movie “Beautiful Joe“. With his lead and harmony vocals and his boyish good looks, not to mention his burgeoning song-writing talent, he’s an indispensable member of the Platoon.

Jim Russell

Jim is very reluctant to tell anything whatsoever his past but rumour has it that he is as good a recording engineer as he is a drummer (he thought he ought to have a proper job). We did discover after many hours of late night interrogation in the back room that he has, in fact, worked for producers of the calibre of Martin Rushent (Human League, Stranglers, etc) and Langer & Winstanley (Madness, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Elvis Costello, etc), he ended up as “The League’s” drummer and, of course, always sounded fantastic. He still does.

He is now the “skin basher” of choice for Scotty Moore (Elvis Presley’s guitarist) and has just returned from recording an album with him in Nashville. He was heard “bashing” on the outro of the film “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, being the drummer on Stretch’s “Why Did You Do It”. These days, he is also a regular with Paul Young.

Lõs Pistõler`õs n. pl.[Sp.] 1. Mexican/Spanish for the gunmen/bandits. 2. Latin for “The Pistols”(Sex Pistols) 3. Pistolero much used in continental Europe to describe a gigolo.

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