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Bluebells court case press (BBC News)

Session musician wins credit
A musician has won his fight to be recognised as the co-composer of the Bluebells hit song Young at Heart.

The Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that Bobby Valentino should be credited for his part in creating the song.

Valentino was a session musician with the Bluebells in the 1980s when Young at Heart was created and came up with the track's memorable violin riff.
But the band's Robert Hodgens took the credit for composing the song, which became a number one when it was re-released in 1993.

Valentino's successful court action means he can now pursue half the royalties from Young at Heart.

Hodgkins had argued that Valentino was too late in making a claim but this was rejected by the court.


His defence that he never intended to create a joint copyright work was also dismissed as irrelevant.

Solicitor David Gore of media firm Davenport Lyons said: "Bobby's case is a victory for session musicians, whose creative contribution to the songs they perform is rarely recognised.

"It remains to be seen if this will lead to a flood of similar actions as session musicians may fear being blacklisted by the industry if they make a claim.

"It seems certain however that bands, record companies and music publishers will be keen to ensure that the terms on which session musicians are retained are tightened up."

Valentino previously played in a band called the Fab Poos and has worked with Tom Petty, Billy Bragg and Mark Knopfler.

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